Working at JFKMC


We encourage you to read the Profiles of health care professionals who have spent time at JFK in the past to hear, in their words, what volunteering at JFK has meant to them.  You will find that working at JFK is a pure opportunity to practice medicine, to heal and improve the lives of the less fortunate, far divorced from the bureaucracy and complexities that creep into the field in many developed countries.  At JFK, your presence is truly valued and truly valuable.

Length of stay

As you may imagine, longer stays have the greatest potential to build capacity and make sustainable progress in improving JFK.  At the same time, we appreciate that health care professionals must make considerable sacrifices to come to Liberia and that long stays are not always possible.  If you can commit to a stay of less than six weeks, we welcome you to contact HEARTT ( which organizes short-term service trips.


The Medical Center can assist you in making arrangements for housing during your stay.  There are both on-campus dormitory facilities  and apartment facilities available nearby in Monrovia for no charge.


The Medical Center may be able to assist you with the cost of a round-trip ticket to Monrovia.

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