Valdez Bravo, Biomed Technician (2008)

Mr. Bravo with JFKMC biomed techs

I immediately noticed the “Can Do” attitude that the staff had and was impressed with how much they were able to do with so little.  The biomed techs there told me about the history of JFK and how it had once been a pristine hospital.  I wanted to do all that I could to help this war-torn facility get back on its feet.  I was able to repair twenty or so items in my two weeks there, including two x-ray C-arm units.  I also spent time teaching the techs and recommending things that could make their operation run more smoothly.  I would recommend working at JFK Medical Center with the Liberians to anyone who is looking to use their skill set to better the greater good of the world by directly benefiting the lives of people who are very much in need.

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